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It sounds like your puppy has what is called a "Rectal Prolapse," which is a medical condition wherein the walls of the rectum protrude through the anus and hence become visible outside the body. Early treatment is crucial. If the tissue appears to still be alive and not too traumatized, your veterinarian will try to push it back into normal position. A suture is then placed around the anus to make sure the tissue does not come out again. The suture must be loose enough to allow stool to pass out. This suture is generally left in for 48 hours and then removed. If the rectal tissue is dried, severely traumatized or appears to be dead, surgery will need to be performed to amputate the damaged part of the intestine. The remaining tissue of the large intestine is sutured to the anus. Surgery may also be necessary if the prolapse returns after attempting to push it back inside and suturing. Since your current veterinarian said he couldn't do anything, I would highly recommend finding a different, more competent one because this is treatable. Good luck!

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WELL. First of all you have to treat him really good. You have to understand him very well, at least try to understand him. Second you have to let him for walks. Maybe 3-4 times a weak. He have to see whats outside the house and learn more because as you said he keeps looking outside and I think he wants to get out because in this age he should marrie. I prefer let him out as I said 3-4 times aweek or bring another cat into the house because I think he want to know more CATS not more humen. And the reason of why he always keeps scratching the door is because he feel he is trapped by you. You have to make him feel releaced really well and feel he is in a place he wants to be in. Hope he gets okay. BEST WISHES!

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You can go for the guppies. They are easy to take care for and are really very pretty. I own 3 of them and it really is a pleasure watching them swim in the tank. Apart from that, they require less space say 5 gallons, so you can add different varieties of fishes along with the guppies like betta. Go to a reputed store and ask of these fish varieties before you purchase one.

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My Suggestions Barney - He loves you and you love him Dillon - Irish faithful companion This dog will never leave your side Murray Scottish A seafarer Riley - Irish An extremely valiant warrior Roy - Irish Redhaired Jake -The adventurous mouse in Disney The Rescuers Max - The Sheep dog character in Disney Little Mermaid Bailey - French bailiff or steward Russel - French Red Axel - German Peaceful Rufus - Latin redhaired person Oliver - A great name for the orphan dog that you adopted from the pound Luke - The patron saint of artists Rufus - A citizen of Antioch who was beheaded in the 2nd century for his faith Rex - The dinosaur toy in Disney's Toy Story Grady - Irish A very distinguished person Clyde - Welsh One with much warmth

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Here is my List of world’s 12 most dangerous dogs in the world. 1. Dalmatian – Originated in Balkans, India, middle Ages, weight from 40-70 lbs and height 20-24 inches. These are very active, energetic and love to go outdoors. They were serving as warriors, hunters, shepherds and finally become the symbol og the English fireman. 2. Boxers – Came from Germany in 1850. It’s weight is from 50-64 lbs with 20-25 inches height. Have an aggressive nature. 3. Presa Canario – Originated from Canary Islands, Africa weights 100 to 125 lbs. They have real hunter’s skills. This dog is gentle and noble with his family and has great affection to his owner and very suspicious with the strangers 4. Saint Bernard – Originated from Switzerland in middle Ages. Very massive 110 to 180 pounds with 24 to 29 inches height. These are amazingly big and easy going dogs. They are quiet and peaceful, love children and very strong and excellent home companions. 5. Great Dane – Originated in Germany in Middle Ages in 19th century. Weights 90-120 lbs and 27 to 32 inches heights. These are beautiful, gentle, majestic and loving nature. Earlier these dogs were used for god fighting and hunting big mammals. 6. Chow Chow – Originated from China, weights 40 to 65 lbs and 18-22 inches height. It is an independent dog that needs constant physical activity and communication at some point they remind cats and don’t like to be disturbed much. 7. Doberman pinscher – Came from Germany in 19th century. It weights 65-90 lbs and 26 to 28 inches height. It is a true protector and defender. They have the aggressive skills 8. Alaskan malamute – Originated in North America in Ancient times, weights 80-110 lbs and 23 to 28 inches height. Friendly in nature but rather an independent temper. This dog is good for the village, far from city. These are pretty violent and energetic and constantly need to move or play. 9. Husky – Came from Siberia in ancient times with weight 35-55 lbs and 20-24 inches height. It’s tough to train a husky and it is not recommended for the beginners. They howl at moon. 10. German shepherd – Germany in 19th century with 70-85 lbs weight and 22-26 inches height. These are very beautiful, reliable and obedient temper. They need constant and serious physical activity. They are great home guards. 11. Rottweiler – German in 1820 with 85 to 110 lbs and 23 to 27 inches height. It has powerful and strong jaws, primary meant to protect. Made especially for the protection. 12. Pit Bull – US in 19th century with 30 to 55 lbs and 18-22 inches height. These were bred especially for dog fighting are extremely aggressive in nature. They are fearless and can attach or strangers in seconds. They are considered as most aggressive dog of the world.

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One of the methods that you can use is the flower essence. You might try a flower essence. I guess there is one called bully. Essence can make a positive impact on the behavior on human as well as animals. It will work.

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The size of the aquarium largely depends upon the nature of the fish. Since Lion Fish is a voracious predator and would require a large aquarium with 75 or more gallons of water. It is important to keep the aquarium well lighted. It is generally advisable to keep the Lion Fish with salinity of 1.027 and temperature ranging between 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Regarding diet, you can feed your fish on chopped beef heart, live fish, fish meat, prawns and all kinds of worms available.

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It seems that you love pets very much especially cats. It’s sad to hear that your parents aren’t allowing you to purchase a cat. You should tell them your parents that you are grown up now and can take proper care of them like washing them regularly, providing them with good nutritive food and not allowing them to dirty the house. In this way you can convince your parents to help you adopt a cat. You should tell your parents that the cat does not require a lot of extra care apart from brushing and all and secondly it is not that expensive to afford. If your birthday is around the corner, then it is the best time to ask them to buy you a cat and tell them that they won’t have to worry at all regarding cat care.

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People always ask these kinds of questions that how soon their pets become normal once again after de-sex surgery. Well, most of the pets are up and alert very shortly after going through surgery. He will be very out of it very soon. After the surgery all he need to have is a nice and clean place when he can sleep because it is the first thing that your doggy will want to do in order to be normal again. If you have other dogs too who is a rough houser then best will be to take both of them apart and let him rest. The pet doctor prescribes some medicines and dog food that will help him back to normal, so give it to him. Follow other instructions that were given by your Vet.

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